1st reflection of Laura Palmer (diarynovel) Thursday December 22th, 2016
Felix Rian Constantinescu
decembrie 24, 2016



December 22th, 2016
Dearest Kitty,
now I feel the need to tell you all about me. I lived in our town all my life except some trips and going in Bujac in Arad to my Ica until forteen wen I went away, succesfull and sad. I wanted to learn English and translate poems and arriving there I was waiting to fall in love. I had two friends there before, and one looked like Laura Palmer if you understand who she is. And I did fall in love soon, as I arrived, and my love was stone-carved. There was there a gentle girl. Her name was Irreplaceable and school became heaven. We were classmates. I was studying English grammar and literature and I was in love. Then, for a brief moment in my life I was happy. For the first time in my life I felt that someone could love me. It is useless to say that she was very beautiful and smart and funny and good. But she had a way, of not allowing second mistakes and maybe I was ruined from birth. But then, by failing to love my _Cuore_ died just as my life otherwise. I remained only with an unfulfilled everlasting love transformed into regret, but requitted. What can I say to you is that love can transform into regret and remain love. And maybe my telling all this meories is a mistake BUt by it I am only letting my guard down for the first time so thoroughly and before a lay woman not a priest or abbot, and letting you see what is inside. Talk soon.

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