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Follada en el jardin

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"Better do it before Cool Story gets to it."

Bobbi Starr L305D-S5974 656 PM 6/1/2014

Change a few words in Cavuto's rant and he'd fit right in at CNN. lol Another claim you cant back up with a single quote.

Bobbi Starr L305D-S5974 656 PM 6/1/2014

I don't believe in the term "homophobic". Doesn't bring the ad over. I told Lantern next, we'll have to wait till he responds. Tell your friends to shut up and fck off, because clearly they have no understanding of anime and they are trying to humiliate you for liking it.

I understand your fear, but the decision of war aren't simply left to the president; President Trump recently wanted to invade Venezuela, but there was sufficient pushback from preventing him to carry out what he wanted.

Be a shame if one caught on the edge of that billboard while the chopper was heading out at about 150 mph. Butthole sex videos with premium content you think that she has a legal defense to her attacks of stupidity.

God bless, protect and be with them all. Most of the people here illegally are not picking lettuce anyway. Lol Yup, used to too. Vodka is best girl, I drink her all the time. They'll mow the people down to keep their positions, even with nobody to control and rule over. Just don't scam people off of his misery.

Hahahahahaha I suppose not.

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  1. Знакомства
    Vozshura3 months ago

    You are cool until you remove the mask

  2. Follada en el jardin
    Gonos3 months ago

    Can't see where you're wrong...

  3. Arashizragore3 months ago


  4. Follada en el jardin
    Kazizuru3 months ago

    Ah i hate u for ur stupidity

  5. Fenrilkis
    Fenrilkis2 months ago

    No he's mine!

  6. Digami
    Digami2 months ago

    Something absolutely bizarre is going on.

  7. Tauzil
    Tauzil2 months ago

    Can you prove that?

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